Annie's award winning book

Annie Scheppach Book, 'Looking for Health in All the Right Places'

Book Interview by Michelle Dillard

'Looking for Health in All the Right Places'

What if you could say, "I feel fabulous," at 20 something or 70 something, as the author does. Ask yourself, "How am I feeling, really?" Your answers to, "Help, what should I do to feel better,

to ensure a healthier life?" are here.


It is never too early or too late to say, "Yes," to what your body and heart are aching for. It's no coincidence that you are looking at this book. One idea from the book is worth more than the price of the book.


The author has written the guide she wishes she had so long ago. She has lived being too busy, too stressed, tired, and sick. For more than twenty years Annie Scheppach has been learning, discovering what health really means following her own wake up call. Here is your guide for putting together life's puzzle pieces

to create health...for life.


The puzzle pieces include food and more! It is an inside job, of course. Too many people are sick; too many people are receiving diagnoses and receiving them way too young in age. And most

of these chronic disease diagnoses are generally preventable and reversible.


Get ready for feeling better than you ever have! Don't wait for a wake up call. The author consciously chose to keep the book brief, a "how to" so that you the reader gets just the "caring facts" along with the wisdom and experience of someone who lives day to day what she has written.


You don't have to wade through more than you may be ready for!

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Looking for Health in all the right places


This is a wonderful book. I am a massage therapist and have studied nutrition. Getting healthy and maintaining health can be so confusing and overwhelming.

I got very inspired after reading this book. It is easy reading....non judgmental ....researched well....gentle and informative. It answered several questions I haven't had the time to research myself, and gave me permission to change just one or two things to start, and validated changes I have already made. Also inspiring to know that the author is 70+ years???? Her story itself is inspiring.

-Healthy books

I have to completely agree with many of the other reviews. Annie has a way of delivering her story so that anyone can understand and begin taking steps to better themselves, their health, their spirit and their life as a whole. Such insight and I can tell it is written from the heart. This is going to be

a gift that I share with others who could also benefit from her insight and begin transforming for a better quality of life.



This book embodies a "simple is elegant" approach to committing to your own unique healing path. The tone of authenticity reflected in Annie's life journey is infectiously inviting as it is so REAL and HONEST. The everyday life challenges presented makes it easy to

relate to and understand. Her warm sense

of humor towards painful experiences and celebration of overcoming is so HUMAN. While reading this book, I felt like a friend was walking beside me, offering care and concern, while simultaneously giving me room to independently grow and make my own life choices. Annie's salt of the earth sage advice reminds us that our healing journeys involve reaching out for support when needed, and it is a strength to do so. The humble tone of this book speaks volumes.

-Amazon Customer

Such a breath of fresh air! Written by a thoughtful woman who writes with a genuine feel and compassionate heart! Annie really does help TIE ALL THE PIECES TOGETHER - for all to understand! I am excited to start and stay dedicated to my journey! A must read!

I am sending a copy to my daughter as well as my mom!


"Simple, in plain language, exuding wisdom and common sense. Annie Scheppach has produced a book that is the "right place to find health and healing. Read it."

-Wayne B. Jonas, MD

Executive Director of Samueli Integrative Health Programs