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An Exceptionally Inspirational Speaker, Educator and Coach

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Her practical compassionately offered advice makes health and happiness possible for her audiences who are open and perhaps ready to commit to improving their own their own health. She lives what she speaks about to prevent and even reverse chronic disease... nutrition, stress, getting moving, aging, and so much more. Her own story alone inspires you to get healthy.


What really matters?  What are you willing to change? 

Were it easy, wishing would make it so. 

Are you ready to face the hard questions and engage in difficult conversations?  


"wake up call” comes when we don't listen to our bodies. 

As it did for Annie over twenty-five years ago.

Today she is happier and healthier than ever! 

Healthy at any age is the possibility if healing matters to you.

Real Statistics: 

60 percent of us have at least 1 chronic disease.

40 percent have at least 2.

70 percent take one or more prescription drugs.

The US spends far more than any country on health and we do not even rank in the top 25 for health of our residents.

Around the globe, in offices, meeting halls, and homes, conversations daily most often turn to health.  Business leaders are

concerned about their employees, productivity, and health costs. Public policy leaders are concerned about health policy,

insurance coverage.  And each person is concerned about himself and the loved ones around him.

The paradigm must shift from treating disease to creating health…the new “medicine.”  The focus must shift from war against

disease, from disease management. This means learning to take personal responsibility for our wellbeing.  Most of us truly

do not know how to do this. Most of us grew up relying on a doctor to fix us.


Annie offers the steps, the solutions, to create and regain “health…for life and more!  

The underlying fears and concerns are serious. Annie offers hope; she offers innovative teachings that are effective.

Her gift? She helps us to lighten up and laugh as we talk about serious topics.


The Question ?

What is Happening?

The Answer?

A Conversation That May Change Your Life

“Just as the water

reflects the stars and the moon,

the body reflects the soul”  


-When you need a speaker, a teacher, a coach - Contact Annie


  •    A Conversation with Annie – Her Incredible Story of Healing

  •    What Is the Story You Are Telling Yourself about Your Health, Your Future?

  •    Putting Life’s Puzzle Pieces Together for a Lifetime of Health 

  •    Embracing the Gift of Aging

  •    Let’s Talk Preventing and Reversing Chronic Diseases      

  •    Stress

  •     Zhineng Qigong … Look No Further for Health and Healing

Join others who have benefitted from Annie

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"Annie was wonderful  and articulate and spoke at a level that all could understand."


"She was relaxed, very informative and knowledgeable and lives what she teaches." 


"Annie established rapport with the audience quickly and got members talking to her and each other.

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Naples, Florida area and beyond

Thanks for your interest in health


"We summarized the conference evaluations.  

All participant ratings for Annie were

above average or excellent.

Several identified Annie's presentation

as the session they enjoyed the most." 

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