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Buddha Statue

Shhhh Do you hear a gentle voice calling,

"slow down; step away from the gadgets, the busyness

to really nourish yourself in a serene sacred space?"

Yoga...for Life is a safe, easy and effective form of yoga that

helps to release deep seated layers of tension in your body and your mind.

Often a student discovers in an initial class it's not necessary to be “working out," "working harder,"

to create healing and ease in the body.  Health and vitality expand exponentially with the

decompression of spinal vertebrae and discs which releases blocked energy. 


Your enthusiasm for life increases in direct proportion to the growing ease in your body and mind 

and the release of layers of protection that have built up around your heart. 


The stillness you cultivate over time as you continue your practice

becomes integral to your life experience and leads to a profound inner experience

of self . . . a deep acceptance of you . . . of everyone.

Annie, with more than 500 hours of training in the Svaroopa yoga style, has been teaching yoga since 2000. 

After only one session you may be aware of








Annie scheppach studio1.jpg

Annie's Studio

A glimpse of Annie's studio where she intentionally

offers small classes which promote deep relaxation,

relief from long-held physical and emotional pain

and stress.

Annie Logo.png
Om mon the beach.jpg


"I would recommend Annie’s yoga classes to anyone interested in developing a safe and deep yoga practice.

She has a wonderful gentleness and thoughtfulness in her teaching manner and her yoga classes have given me lasting results!

An overall feeling of well-being, a brighter view of life, more flexibility, better balance, and my back pains are disappearing…

I love it!


Many, many thanks Annie!

And now that I live on Cape Cod, I miss your gentle voice, your humor and joy when you teach."

Yoga by the Ocean


"I have practiced sitting meditation for years; now your yoga class has become a part of my practice

- a moving meditation." 

Woman Facing Away


"I am in teacher training and I only wanted action yoga classes, and I fidgeted and resisted in your class with the slower pace and shavasanas. Yet, when I went shopping after, I knew I felt different and better than ever.

It was the slower paced deeper spite of myself."


“No more migraines.”


“After my first class,

I get this yoga; it is so nice to be in sacred community and not be alone;

I am going home

and cry.”



"Dear Annie, so knowledgable. Your restorative classes had so much healing with such soft but strong energy. You restored my spine."


"I come  because of annie "

Wild Flowers


"It is quite inexplicable how so much change can occur in my body with so few movements, and yet that is exactly what happens. By the end of class, I feel more grounded, open and have a spaciousness that was not there before."

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